Why Statin Deficiency is Not Killing People

hese simple videos help you understand why our supplements are not your average supplements compared to high street and other practitioner brands that do not understand the needs of the Neuro-mechanical practitioner.

And even on top of that, I wanted to give practitioners who have not yet joined the Core Concepts in Chiropractic Nutrition (launching 1st week Feb, it is looking sooooo good), to understand more on the why and how we use supplements.

So we have an education section covering vitamin D.


Note, most of these videos are 2-3 mins long, a few run 5-10 mins but these are tiny little chunks of gold ready to go.


Speaking of vitamin B12, our sublingual tablet is also now available.


1250 mcg of active form B12 methylcobalamin and adenylcobalamin, in a yummy sublingual tablet, just let it dissolve between your cheek and your gum.

£9.50 a pouch in a case of 8, RRP is £12.50 but you can sell for whatever you want.

Remember many people are low because they are not absorbing B12 from food. Giving them a swallow capsule only makes little sense.

By Monday, this little beauty will be ready to rescue your methylation cycle.

£16.85 per pouch in cases of 8, RRP is £19.85.

Methylation is covered in part 1 of the B12 in clinical practice and how to combine the two products is in part 3.

Plus, we have a download section for patient education info-graphics

Supplement prescription sheet, simply mark when you want patients to take their supplements, with space at the bottom for other supplements.

Plus the info-graphics for B12, magnesium, vitamin D, K2

If you want to start using our site to prescribe to patients and have them buy from us directly, you MUST be registered with us.

When the patients register, they have a drop down box with practitioner names/clinic names and they MUST choose one to be able to register and buy at retail.

Once registered under your name, you get 20% commission on everything they buy from us for life.

The patient sales pages have patient specific videos on each product to help them understand why, plus a front page video that explains why we are a specialist company in the neuro-mechanical field.

In other news, in case you didn’t know there is a weekly excess death rate of 10-15% (1000-1500k) from strokes and heart issues, that has been going since around March 2022 and is present in all western countries and is in all ages ranges from around five years old upwards.

It is a national disgrace this has not been covered more, and barely at for all of last year (they did daily televised deaths counts in covid).

Chris Witty thinks it is due to a lack of statins being given out.

He is mistaken, he could not be more wrong.

This is biologically impossible given the timeframe and the data on prescriptions and the age ranges of those dying (remember from five years old up).

Check this from Oxford centre for evidence based medicine


No drop in prescriptions: