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Myths of probiotics & always listen to men called Tony

Many many years ago I was taught the four R’s of digestion. It went something like Remove (bad bugs) Replace (digestive acid/enzymes) Re-inoculate (good bacteria) Repair (the gut lining) And it is still used by me and many other practitioners to some extent, though our understanding out of the gut microbiome from when I started 2001 […]

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How to feed 100 trillion friends

For many years I did not eat a single piece of food containing complex carbohydrate/starch/polysaccharides. Not a single sodding mouthful. Meat & salad. Repeat. I ate fruit as it’s a single sugar unit as fructose and some glucose, depending on the fruit, but starchy food was a big no no. For me this was painful. […]

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WARNING: This newsletter is full of s**t

“I’m going to be sick.” “I need a poo.” At 4 in the morning, these are not the words I want to hear from my four year old son stood next to our bed. And my goodness did he vomit and have diarrhoea. The bedsheet, duvet, the sofa covers and carpet were all collateral damage […]

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