What do Snoop Dogg & Simon have in common?

As someone with a history of inflammatory arthritis, I can tell you it’s no fun.

In my case, AS attacked my mid thoracic spine and pelvis, leaving me with permanent damage.

If you check my gait, it’s not just a sexy sashay.

Sure, you can tell from the way I use my walk I’m a woman’s man no time to talk, the musics loud, the women warm, I’ve been kicked around since I was born…..but I digress.

But today I want to highlight a group of artists suffering from a nasty form of auto-immune arthritis, primarily (but not exclusively) affecting the hands/fingers: Rappers.

You may think they are just a bunch of over-paid, misogynistic divvies rapping about money, guns, women and cars, but I think it’s all a big cover up for the pain they suffer.

Just look at the evidence:

Snoop putting on a brave face, but the pain from his fingers is obvious.

These younger sufferers squatting down to give their aching knees a break, but their solemn faces tell the truth about the deformities in their fingers.

An advanced case of rappers finger.

I suspect this is why the use of palliative herbal cigarettes is so popular amongst rappers.

By the way, do you know why Snoop Dogg always carries an umbrella?

Answer at the end.

So what could you offer them?

The high street favourite for external joint life, glucosamine ?

Not for me, the research on glucosamine chloride is negative.

Glucosamine sulphate….?

Maybe, but the results are mixed and are thinner than my hairline, plus is it the glucosamine or the sulphate ?

Is it broken down in the gut or absorbed as is? If it does get absorbed intact, what does the liver do with it in first pass metabolism?

Too many questions, not many answers.

I have yet to see results with glucosamine with the exception of a very wealthy client given a branded pill by a man of nobility in Europe which he swore sorted his pain.

He gave me the pill, I looked them up and they were bog standard glucosamine sulphate, in a jazzy brand from a drug company.

100% placebo (nothing wrong with the bit the way, but I like actual pathway changes with placebo, double whammy).

I suspect it might be the sulphate that is doing something for the gut lining or liver detox, maybeeeee the joints, albeit mildly.

But did you know you can make your own?

You take the amino acid methionine and you make all sorts of cool stuff like myelin (quite important), creatine, neurotransmitters and so on).

It then it becomes a rather nasty molecule called homocysteine (aggressively pro-inflammatory, and a neuro-excitatory molecule = more pain), but if we have enough B6 then we can convert it down through multiple steps into…..sulphate.

Clever eh?

You just need enough B6 with Methyl folate, methyl B12 plus supporting tri-methyl-glycine and B2 to spin the methylation wheel.

You get more myelin, better neurotransmitter levels, more DNA, plus less inflammation and pain, while you increase sulphate for your joints.

Come December, spinning this wheel will get easier.

We will be launching Methyl B Hero.

Could an elimination diet help?

100% yes, it plays a huge part for me and all my auto-immune patients.

Snoop is trying a 100% fish finger diet (watch out for the gluten coating Snoop!)

This all comes from taking a deeper look at the CORE CONCEPTS behind nutrition and how it pertains to neuro-mechanical practice.

That is why the course is called Core Concept in Chiropractic Nutrition.

By understanding the metabolic system and how it interfaces with the neuro-mechanical.

We avoid chasing pain as a starting point (you can still do that, and we do with boswellia, tumeric, acetyl L carnitine, alpha-lipoic acid and supra-oxide dismutase, but only once we get the foundation in, or if they have something really intractable).

In early December, I will give you the opportunity to take your results to another level.

I’ll give the last word to the O.G himself:

Our excclusive facebook group is a breeding ground for learning.

Take care


PS – Snoop always carries an umbrella…….