What Dementia and Osteoporosis Have in Common

As we enter a lovely long family weekend, parents remember when your children as having a massive meltdown over nothing, it is a hypo-glycemic crash from all the chocolate their grandparents gave them and then went home.

The grandparents are secretly paying you back for the meltdowns you had, you’re welcome.

On the plus side cacao is a rich source of magnesium which it turns out may be protective against dementia (help brain health).

They conclude:

However, it is worth noting this was a diet recall study and not a blood testing and looking for correlation, so take it with a pinch of salt.

One issue is as the authors correct note, serum blood tests are uinreliable for measuring cellular levels/body stores.

Hence, in the course we use a rule:

Best test we have is:

And I can prove it, this lady in her early 60’s with chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), magnesium serum looks optimal:

They also really understand the mechanism in play, these are central to everything we teach on the CORE CONCEPTS in Chiropractic Nutrition.

Magneisum is a powerful anti-inflammatory and nervous system inhibitor.

Here is a cheeky look at a research summary we use, we keep it need to know not nice to know.

Do you want to know how the body manages to maintain blood magnesium levels despite being low on a cellular level?

Pretty simply, it mobilises magnesium from your superficial bone into the blood.

What’s your cry? My long-term bone health ?!?!

You may have a point:

You may have a point, magnesium is really important for bone health, if only we had a study assessing the relationship between spine bone mineral density (BMD) and serum magnesium……..

So, let me get this straight, magnesium is anti-inflammatory reducing the risk of dementia and osteoporosis, hmmmmmm hang on…….


Yup makes sense.

Cool, maybe your grandparents were just trying to optimise your kids magnesium status to achieve peak bone and brain health after all?