The King of your body?

Charles finally got the crown and claimed the title of King.

Not the King obviously…..

In the world of anti-oxidants, many people use glutathione as the “master” or king of anti-oxidant.

Made from glutamate, cysteine and my personal favourite amino acid, like ever, glycine.

The issue with taking glutathione orally is it’s a tri-peptide that is broken down by digestion.

You can take it liposomally, but this is pricey and most of the brands have no research to show it does get past digestion and into the blood intact.

So instead, we could also consider giving the precursors.

The good news is you have lots of glutamate, one down, two to go.

Cysteine, you might need to take this to increase glutathione, but it can be made from the essential amino acid methionine, which is turned into the highly toxic homocysteine.

Then, as long as you have enough vitamin B6 you can make cysteine (and sulphate).

Whether that is enough to satisfy your needs depends on your needs.

Did you know if you overdose on paracetamol, it is glutathione that has been depleted? It is a powerful detoxer of xenobiotics and removes drugs from your system.

Even the NHS will inject you with cysteine to stop your liver failing, but increasing glutathione and thus detoxing you from paracetamol.

Consider that in those patients regularly using paracetamol.

Are they depleting their glutathione and leaving themselves short for other detox, & for anti-oxidant purposes?

The third musketeer, glycine, however, is a tricky one.

Glycine is the simplest of all amino acids and has a lot of essential roles, and there might not be enough left over for glutathione.

So, lucky for you, we know that one of those other critical roles is…..collagen.

In fact, did you know glycine is every third amino acid in collagen, making it 33% of all collagen.

Think about that…..

In light of this, we want to supply the body with plenty of glycine and that will get a lot easier in about 9 ish weeks when we launch what is currently called Collagen Hero.

A perfect blend of grass-fed bovine collagen to give you all the smaller contributors to the aminos needed to make collagen.

BUT, critically, an extra 6g (6000mg) of glycine to allow you to maximally produce collagen.

And, of course, make more glutathione if that is what your body demands.

That is why we want high-dose glycine to meet all your metabolic demands.