Tears, tantrum and turning 10

Tantrums, tears, screaming, foul language and low-level violence.

These are just a few of things that occurred at my daughters birthday party to celebrate her 10 years on planet earth.

But to be fair I’d slept badly, then got a bit hypoglycaemic and then when I didn’t win at crazy golf, I just lost my s**t…….dont judge me.

It is quite remarkable to see how much children can change in ten years.

One minute they are a podgy 9lb 4oz baby.


Then before you can draw breath, they are a truly glorious human being,  ten years old and counting.


This reminds me of a quote:


Apparently the guy that said it sells IT or something and wants everyone to be microchipped for their own health and safety?

Anyhoo…..he is right (in the quote at least), especially when it comes to health.

This is part of my 10-year rule I use with patients.

I wrote about here on the blog last year

The short version is to ask patients what their health and lifestyle was like 10 years ago? Did they have more energy and vitality, better mood, less pain and stiffness?

Ask them to consider if they stay on their current path, the same trajectory, where will be in 10 years from now?

Leave some silence and let them really think about it, feel it and say it out loud.

I have a wealth of nutritional knowledge to give to those that want it and those willing to execute on knowledge.

If they do not want it, that is all good with me, as long as we have clarity about their prognosis for their current health concerns, we are all good.

But if I can get into their minds and get them on board, we can really make an impact and change lives.

Until you have seen the vitamin D deficient patient go from chronic constant pain, utter exhaustion and “depression” to quite positively frisky, it is hard to full understand the power that you have available to you if you jump on board with my tribe and I at the Core concepts in Chiropractic Nutrition course.

It is part of my job to lower their own barriers to change and the 10 year rule is one part of that.

Longer version here on the blog


Think about the society and the healthcare system 10 years ago.

Back then I was a gluten free, low carb weirdo, drinking fermented milk and eating fermented vegetables, twittering on about how my gut bacteria gave me inflammatory arthritis and psoriasis.

I got asked once in a pub if I was a celeriac (I said yes, it was easier than explaining).


These days I can have a conversation about the gut brain axis and some people have a rough idea of what I am talking about.

Make no mistake about it, the world of healthcare is changing.

People want true root cause healthcare and they are willing to pay for it.

If you think you can adjust everyone’s spine and claim to have solved their health concerns, in many of the more complex cases you will be disappointed (if you care to actually assess something objective and ask them how they are feeling).

Ten years ago if wanted a full thyroid blood panel with auto-immune antibodies, iron, vitamin D, B12, folate and ferritin, it would have been in excess of £400 plus a blood draw which was difficult to get done.

Today I can get that from many providers for less than £100 from a finger prick test.

Where will be in 10 years time?

Well, unless COVID-19 triggers a revolution in healthcare and frankly I doubt it will, certainly for the majority, we will be more ill than ever and people will be desperate for healthcare practitioners who can deliver results (not just theory).

We need a diet with high nutrient density, with a high tolerance to those foods.

But instead we have a low nutrient density diet with a low tolerance and high toxic load.

Make no mistake about it the metabolic side of your patients health is having a profound effect on their neuromechanical system and the results you are getting with your care.

We call it the neuromechanical-metabolic interface.


It is where I go for many (but not all) of my complex chronic cases.


  • Invoke the 10-year rule and lower patients barriers to change.
  • Think about where will your practice be in 10 years? Do you really want to be doing exactly the same thing as the market place changes and patient want more true healthcare?