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Tragically, the universe has conspired to stop my mac from being repaired, so the next intake of practitioners ready to evolve into the next leaders in neuromechanical care will have to wait a little longer (it is not part of a clever sales pitch, I just cannot record 2 simple videos).

On the plus side by the time you read this I will be in Ireland once again being hosted by the Chiropractic Association of Ireland.


C19 delayed my return not once but twice, outrageous.

This time I will be talking about everyone’s favourite endogenously produced steroid hormone, vitamin D.

Plus, for the first time I am going to be delivering a migraine lecture.

This last part means I have had to trim down the lecture from the CCCN version and it has taken longer than expected, so I am keeping it short and sweet today.

If you have a patient with a history of migraines, specifically from childhood and with aura, might I suggest you trial them with a high dose of vitamin B2 aka riboflavin.

400 mg of B2 has been studied in nine different RCT’s and these were reviewed in a meta-analysis.


Check out 400mg of B2 against sodium valporate in a head-to-head on migraine.


But vitamin D doesn’t want to be left out, 4000 iu daily did this:

Please note the RDA/RI for B2 is 1.4 mg, so why 400 mg?

It is likely that people with a childhood history of migraine have dodgy genes around methylation and one key enzyme in that is called MTHFR (see last week’s newsletter. It is the one that makes the active form of folate, methyl-folate).

This enzyme is B2 dependent and even when they have a double defect or SNP, if we saturate the tissues, we can over-ride the genetics and make it run smoothly.

The only downside is that much B2 will make your wee go a vivid fluorescent yellow, definitely no cheeky wee-wee’s in the swimming pool.


– Trial some high dose B2 on migraine patients, they might just love you for it.

– Vitamin D – it never goes out of fashion, get some


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