Chiro Ice just got even better

Well, we have a lovely new gaggle of DC/DO’s nestling into our nutritional bosom here at ACN, and I plan to let them suckle at my functional medicine teat until they are in a milky learning coma.

Let that image settle in……

Secondly, today should be the launch day for Meta Boost, but people have let us down badly and it will now be another three weeks, all very frustrating.

But we do have a series of snazzy new infographics to support the launch, starting with the Carnitine, available for download soon.

We also have exciting news on Chiro Ice.

If you have not used it yet and are still smearing your patients (and your hands) with random, toxic minty gels, I would ask you to consider the following article on PARABENS and their safety (or lack thereof).

The opening line is a killer (literally).

“These parabens are detected in the majority of US women and children, bind and activate estrogen receptors (ER), and stimulate mammary tumor cell growth and invasion in vitro”

They used “human acceptable daily intake” and found “increased mammary tumour volume” and more metastases of cancer.

They conclude:

“Our data suggest that parabens cause substantial mammary cancer metastasis in mice as a function of their increasing alkyl chain length and highlight the emerging role of aberrant spliceosome activity in breast cancer metastasis”

What is in your topical gels? Have you checked the labels?

We do not use any weird, nasty, known carcinogens in Chiro Ice

But even more exciting is that we have made an addition to our formula.

A potent anti-inflammatory for less pain and swelling.

A proven nervous system inhibitor for less pain and muscle tension.

Magnesium chloride.

We now have a powerful trio of active ingredients.

Menthol for instant cooling, pain relief and change in local blood flow.

Check these results for soft tissue injuries

Followed by the warmth of ginger plus its anti-inflammatory and lymphatic drainage effects.

Check the research comparing ginger gel against Diclofenac in knee OA.

There really is nothing else on the market like it.

Remember we also have a practitioner 300 ml pump.

Plus the stand-up infographic for reception and a small display stand.

Both free of charge when ordered from our site.