2021 review of best new stuff plus what is happening in 2022

Well, it wasn’t an easy year, but sometimes the most challenging things become the most valuable things in life.

If you had asked me if had asked me in my 20’s would being diagnosed with two auto-immune diseases be a “good” or “bad” thing, well the simplistic naive me would have said bad.

But this is all a relative judgement.

It gave me insights I would never have understood or interventions I would have wanted to explore.

Having my asymptomatic but highly toxic root canalled tooth pulled out

Or my four wisdom teeth extractions sites opened up and cleaned from all the infected tissue slowly poisoning me, would not have been something top of my list to experience.


But in 2009, I did it to start a recovery.

I lay on the dental couch, tooth removed, stitches going in, weeping silently, telling the dentist I was going to become a father soon and I wanted to be a good dad.

Able to play, provide and to live with vitality.


The last 2 years-ish have been harsh on most, especially for those of use self-employed with no help from the government.

The frustrations of governments using statistics are that clearly misleading have been omnipresent.



Nearly two years into a pandemic, we do not know how many people died FROM C19 as a primary cause vs died within 28 days of a positive test.

But as ever, the hardest lessons give the biggest gains.

This year we took on lots of new members to the Core Concepts in Chiropractic Nutrition course.

The members that have done the work are now reaping the benefits of working towards mastery of the metabolic system.

And get results that come with it.

This is red pill knowledge, and once you have seen the truth, you can never, EVER un-see it.

In the new year, we will take on a new cohort of practitioners that are willing to step up and deliver results, not theory.

From deep dives into the nutritional literature, I have formulated the

Core 4 range of supplements.



These are designed for the neuromechanical practitioner.

They fit together to create better outcomes from care and better overall health for your clients.

They improve mitochondrial function, reduce inflammation while tweaking your neurotransmitters that affect pain and calm the nervous system.

After 20 years of trying to give multiple different supplements from different companies, it is so awesome to have a simple system for myself, knowing I am giving them the best chance at recovery and good health.

They are all killer, no filler, all stuff, no fluff.


If you are not currently selling supplements in clinic, then start with vitamin D.


It is the easiest place to start, an easy sell to the patient, the government recommend it and they great amazing results with pain, fatigue and depression – If they take the right dose and absorb it.

In the new year, we will launch three B12 based products that pair up with the one a day multi essentials.


I also have two patented anti-inflammatory products in my sights to bring to the UK for potent inflammation and pain reduction.

These both have RCT research to support their use for the pain of osteoarthritis.

How would you like to give pain relief in 5 days with a supplement and 50% reduction in 30 days?


Exciting, isn’t it.

I do deep dive research, so you don’t have to.

You just implement it, simple.

I also have a prototype cooling menthol gel I have been trialling in the clinic and have been loving it.

I had made it with no weird nasty stuff like parabens or propylene glycol or weird colours like the ever toxic biofreeze.

I use it for working with my myofasical blade and just to take the edge of afterwards.

Ideally, I will have it infused with ginger as an anti-inflammatory and lymphatic drainer.

I am looking to get that market-ready for Q2.

From this year, the things I loved the best: 

A new mouthwash and tooth paste based on aloe plus low dose hydrogen peroxide and essential oils from essential oxygen.






The hydrogen peroxide fun didn’t stop there!

I used a nebuliser with hydrogen peroxide to help fight off C19 for my family and I.



Following some parts of this ( somewhat over the top) book.


Plus, interviews with medics using it.



Plus, studies using hydrogen peroxide for C19.




These are small pragmatic, real-world studies, not perfectly balanced RCT’s but with zero downside and significant potential upsides, I am happy to work with it.

The nebuliser is also fantastic for helping remove low-grade persistent sinus infections that can seed into the gut and cause repetitive issues.

This book also blew my mind:

It is genuinely a bit disturbing what parasites do to animals behaviour and maybe humans too.

I will be downing tools for the rest of the year to plan for the next 12 months and hang out with lovely people.


I cannot wait for 2022 to come so we can educate more practitioners and get more patients better than ever before.

2022 will be a huge year for ACN/CCCN and IN Health Supplements to start the evolution of Chiropratic/Osteopathy.


– Chill the f**k out over the holidays

– Eat cheese – preferably comte, ossau iraty and camborzola

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