Winter is coming & the benefits of ACV

As we gently move towards autumn and our shadows start to get longer, I am once again using my Sperti UVB vitamin D lamp and feeling good for it.

Last year, I went the whole winter and autumn with no vitamin D supplements except for doses here and there.

This year will be no different, but for those of you and your patients that do not have the luxury of a lamp, we, of course, love our sublingual 4000iu vitamin D with 150 mcg of K2.

Both, the more bio-cellularly available MK4 form (the one every mammal on the planet can make and puts in breast milk to nourish its young) plus the MK7 form which has different but essential functions.

When it comes to bone health, the VAST MAJORITY of research on K2 supplementation has been done with MK4 (Menatetrenone), not MK7.


Giving vitamin D without K2 to balance it, could be setting your patients up for a heart attack from arterial calcification. You want calcium in the bones, not the arteries!



Absorption is critical.

That is why we have been testing our supplements in clinics to show efficacy.

I tested a colleague already on 5000 iu sublingual from another brand, at 106 nmol/l. This is a decent range but not optimal (125-175 nmol/L).

Given they were not obese, the question is, why are their levels not higher?

Perhaps they are not fully absorbing the sublingual and swallowing it because it breaks down too quickly?  So we gave them 4000 iu of our slow dissolve sublingual and re-tested them.

Consider we are giving them 1000 iu less vitamin D, if the tablets are equally absorbable, then their levels would have dropped by around 25 nmol/L.

The rule of thumb is for every 1000 iu you give, you get a 25 nmol/L increase blood level, except in the obese, and as you get higher in the hundreds, then the response is less, so you need to give more to get a 25 nmol/L increase.

This is shown in the chart below.

Red circle shows at 25 mol/L, to get to 50 mol/L (green circle) you need to add 1000 iu (orange circle) to get up to 50 mol/L an increase of 25 nmol/L.


But they did not go down, they went up to 125 nmol/L.



To get this increase using his previous supplement, they would have needed to add another 1700 iu , totalling 6700 iu daily.

Red circle 1st test, green circle post test result, orange circle, the addition dose of 1700 iu, on top of the original 5000 iu you would need to push them up by 25 mol/L, thus total 6700 iu.


But they was taking our 4000 iu vitamin D, and with superior absorption, we gave them an increase equivalent to the 6700 iu.

That, my friends, is, dare I say it, is evidence based nutrition.

We do not just talk a good game, we prove it. 

Join the party and give yourself and your patients what they need:

You can order online here: 

You can sell at retail and create some residual income or sell at trade and do it for the love.

In other news, I am waiting for my next libre 2 blood sugar monitor and getting some interesting feedback from members of the Core Concepts in Chiropractic Nutrition group who are also playing with it.

I have been very focused on food intake and controlling the spikes and indeed have used raw apple cider vinegar with good effect.

This is a classic old school remedy for joint pains and digestion now turned trendy for weight loss.

How does it help weight loss? Probably by blunting your blood sugar response and thus insulin, thus controlling fat deposition, aka it helps weight loss.

It turns out there is plenty of evidence for this.


Check the glucose response in this study to 50 g of starch from white bread. The top continuous line is bread only, the bottom three dotted lines are with increasing amounts of vinegar.


And the subsequent reduction in insulin response is also clear.

Like I said last time, we want low hanging fruit, keep it simple, keep it cheap.

We also want to use core commandment 11:


One intervention, with multiple benefits.

Not only can I improve blood sugar balance, I can also improve digestion by increasing the acidity in the stomach, triggering digestion with bitter-esq taste and adding in probiotics from the fermentation of the raw ACV.

Next time I will show you some changes in blood sugars that exercise and stress induced.


– Grab some raw ACV “with the mother”, and see for yourself.

– Get a few diabetics on ACV plus eating veggies first with carbs last and see how it helps their blood sugar and maybe their response to care.

– Print the attached symptom chart and dosing chart off and pin it up in clinic to educate your patients.