What Cosmo aren’t telling you about obesity (or vitamin D)

If you come to my house you will always find a cupboard stacked with nutritional remedies for every occasion.

Back in the summer of 2019 I told you all about a probiotic yeast saccharomyces boulardii, which is a brilliant supplement for the gut microbiome. It really helps to crowd out the pathogenic bacteria and if you have a dose of something nasty, you can nip it in the bud quickly before the bad bugs get established.

You can revisit it here:


It is great thing to be able to recommend to patients when they are going on holiday to places like India and Egypt. Start a week before they leave and then all through the holiday. If they get anything dodgy happening, they can crank the dose right up until things “firm up”.

If you allow them to hang out as uninvited guests they will stay permanently, check out these beasts from a trip to India. This patient had not felt right since was was often low in lots of basic nutrients despite an excellent diet and struggled to keep weight on. Note her immune system is cranked up, still (raised sIgA). The trip was over 10 years ago…..



Now, yes I am all about the neuromechanical intervention in my Chiropractic setting, (that is why the majority of my patients are with me) but adding value like that really helps the relationship.

In case you are wondering, yes it is very good for “IBS”, a genuinely embarrassingly bad “diagnosis”.

They frequently have overgrowth of bad bugs in the small intestines or SIMD – Small Intestinal Microbial Dysbiosis.

Not my opinion, I am “following the science”……..


I have also seen it help people with anxiety – remember the gut “talks” to the brain via the vagus nerve.

Where science goes, I follow…..




Note when they say “non-probiotic intervention” they mean prebiotics or a diet like FODMAP. In the ACN course protocols we use all of those as needed.

If the gut has a bad bacteria in-situ, the immune system will be activated, creating a sustained low grade inflammatory response. This is then registered by the brain via the vagus and the brains immune system cranks up to in order to make sure no bad bacteria are attacking the brain.

Thus they develop low grade neuro-inflammation.

And when you have neuro-inflammation, your brain will turn your normal neurotransmitter pathways down (less serotonin = depression) and activates an alternative pathway which process quinolinic acid, which makes you hyper-vigilant aka anxiety.

FYI this is known as the PATHOS-D theory – Pathogen host defence.


So if you can remove the bad bugs in the gut, you get less gut inflammation, so less neuro-inflammation, so less anxiety and depression – hey presto the gut brain axis.


If you like you evidence reviews, check out saccharomycess boulardii here:


It was actually discovered by Henri Boulard in 1923, when he watched locals in south-eat Asia eating and boiling the skins of lychees. He wanted to know why and the answer was to help them with cholera outbreak.

Not only does it help remove bad bacteria, it is also excellent for fungal infections and improving the front line defence of secretary IgA. It also is resistant against gastric acid and bile so survives transit to the intestines. Once there is also help to regulate the tight junctions fo the gut that can become “leaky”. 

It is even resistant to antibiotics (because it is a yeast), very useful if you are on a round of antibiotics.

All from a sodding lychee!!



– Always keep saccharomyces boulardii in the cupboard

– If your patient has “IBS”, anxiety and a chronic pain, maybe just maybe they have a sustained in inflammatory response running the gut secondary to dysbiosis and it is causing the IBS, the anxiety and the pain all via inflammation…..just a thought.

– Because I am “following the science”, I am always right and not be questioned other wise you are a science “denier” and probably a flat earther too. The last thing we want in a civilised modern society is a healthy debate for goodness sake.