Welcome to the world of B12 & methylation

Welcome to 2023, this week we are going to kick off with all things vitamin B12 and methylation, to celebrate the upcoming launch of Active B12 sublingual and Methyl B Hero.

But maybe you are thinking, well I don’t even know what methylation is or when, how or why I would want to give vitamin B12?

Fear not my friends, for next week will see the launch of our snazzy new website.

This contains a whole video library of short bite sized videos just these topics, inf act these are directly from it.

B12 part 1:

Understanding which two key enzymes B12 is a rate limiter for & methylation made ludicrously simple – 2 minutes 30 seconds you will know more about methylation than 99% of GP’s.

B12 part 2:

Key symptoms that suggest B12 might be an issue, with special emphasis on the neuro-mechanical system and psycho-social issues. 3 minutes and 54 seconds and suddenly you will be seeing B12 issues all over the place.

Methyl B Hero

How to use Methyl B Hero with Active B12 and who not to use it with.

It is all here in 6 mins

You might be wondering, how good can B12 really be for neuro-mechanical issues?

Funny you should ask……how is a 32% drop in pain for chronic LBP (note they did not test the blood levels at all).

Think I’ll up those %, check it:

Fibromyalgia? Go on then….

I could go on, but you get the idea.

If B12 is cellularly suboptimal and causing your nervous system to be HYPER-SENSITIVE via elevated HOMOCYSTEINE and less myelin, then you can be the best adjustor in the world, the best rehab’er in the solar system, the best dry needler to walk the planet, and it is all for sweet f**k all.

Patients are a jigsaw of issues, your job is to find the biggest bits and sort them best you can or refer out.

Your job is not to do the particular treatment you love to everyone and blindly ignore the poor results.

You would not tolerate that from a medical Doctor treating your family, so why dish it out to your patients?