Vitamin D dosing in children & growing pains

I had a wonderful time last weekend in Edinburgh lecturing for the SOTO-Europe seminar of excellence.

It was just so nice to be with like-minded clinicians all there ready to learn!



We talked about vitamin D and I had some follow up from a few DC’s on children, so I have recycled a newsletter from Jan 2020 on dosing for kids & growing pains, plus added in an amazing study on chronic low back pain treated with magnesium.

The video is below


You can see the magnesium study here



– Print the attached infographic to educate your patients

– Magnesium and vitamin D/K2 are the most common things I prescribe to most patients I see. They give your patients the best chance of success with your care by lowering inflammation and lowering pain while increasing their range of motion.

– Invest in a case of 10 vit D/K2 60’s and a case of 8 Magnesium plus, start giving them out together and see how much better your patients respond to care.