Time to integrate?


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What did happen to the Bio in Bio-psycho-social?

It is almost like the medical profession (and some Chiropractors/Osteopaths) have no interest in functional derangements in the neuro-mechanical system as a source of pain……….

There is a sub-group of patients with metabolic dysfunction driving pain, depression/anxiety and fatigue, of that, there is ample evidence.

By understanding the fundamentals of inflammation and nervous system interaction and using this as a “lens” to view the patient through, we move on from simple association to root causes.

The integrative model that I propose as an evolution of Chiropractic and Osteopathy allows us to maintain the foundations of functional care for the neuro-mechanical system, while adding in new insights from the world of pain science, rehabilitation and yes, nutrition and functional medicine.

But throwing away the foundation of everything that came before you, ignoring function, feels like a desperate desire for acceptance by mimicking other professions that already use these newer treatments.

I fear this is a push towards clinical mediocrity, dressed up “progression”.

To me, this is regression, a step backwards for Chiropractors and Osteopaths.

I believe that we are in a unique position.

We have a skill set (or should do) in restoring function to the neuro-mechanical system.

This is a lifetime of mastery to work on.

It is a skill in the true sense of the word.

That is why Physios, masseurs or medics trying to learn manipulation over a weekend never result in quality care beyond a pop in the hypermobile areas at best.

BUT…….we can go to other professions seminars and learn from other disciplines and then pick the low-hanging fruit.

I can go to a nutritional seminar and learn all about B12.

How as it begins to drop, it lowers pain thresholds, causes mental health issues and fatigue long before it is low on the NHS blood test or causes anaemia.

AND I can apply the knowledge in the clinic too, as the treatment is me simply giving them a supplement to two as a trial.

I can INTEGRATE the best new stuff in the world of helathcare into my existing neuro-mechanical functional care model and become an INTEGRATIVE clinician with exceptional results.

Nutritionists and medics cannot do the same with our model.

Thus, we are in a UNIQUE position to be the EVOLUTION of Chiropractic and Osteopathy.

Next week we will open up enrollment for the Core Concepts in Chiropractic Nutrition (CCCN).

Are you ready for the challenge of taking your care to another level?

Steve Jones DC was, click the link:

In the mean time, did you know alpha lipoic acid (ALA) also helps balance those wonky blood sugars that keep making you so angry and waking you up at night?

For your diabetic patients, this can be a game changer.

But even better than that, remember ALA is partnered with Acetyl L Carnitine (ALC) in Meta Boost.

And ALC on it’s own will help you burn fat and on average, you lose 2.5 cm from your waistline (assuming there was significant excess to begin with).

And a little over one kg in weight.

See, integration is easy when you have a little knowledge.

And that is what the CCCN is all about, adding little bits of knowledge to easily add into clinic for results.