The truth about “detoxing” & why it matters

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A few weekends ago, as my wife and I were mourning the end of squidgames (if you haven’t seen it, what are you waiting for?), we ended up watching a film called Dark waters.


It tells the true story of how the chemical giant Du Pont had been poisoning us and the planet for many years with hazardous chemicals.

If you have not seen it, I can highly recommend it, and I would highly recommend you to throw out anything with Teflon in it.

The scariest part for me was understanding that the reason they got away with it for so long (and very nearly kept getting away with it) was the chemicals they were releasing were not known to be harmful.

You see, when the environmental protection agency (EPA) was formed, the chemical companies had to declare any toxic chemicals they were working with, and they simply didn’t declare all of them, despite knowing that their workers were having significant health consequences.

The reality is, this is just the tip of the ice berg of the toxic chemical soup that we breathe and eat daily.

If you have ever thought that people are being overly dramatic and unscientific when they talk about “detoxing” or organic food being a waste of money, you are simply not reading the scientific literature.

We can even test for it now.

Great plain laboratory now offer a toxic panel and very useful it is too.



Below is part of the panel of a lady in her 40’s with “fibromyalgia” which started at 16 with more recent onset of “colitis”, along with a host of other inflammation driven issues I cannot be bothered to list.

She works as a hair and nail beauty worker and so has been constantly surrounded with chemicals since she started working in salons at 14, just 2 years later, she was full time (note the onset was 16, exactly around the time she went full time).

She also air travels long haul every 6 weeks.

As you can see, the nail and hair products are highly concentrated in her system.



Her husband also likes to microwave things in plastic containers.


And she is building up enough storage of petrol and diesel toxins to make Esso jealous.



Plus, everyone’s favourite pesticide organophosphate (roundup) is settling in nicely.




Check out Sept 2019 BC (Before Covid), newsletter where I discuss how roundup inserts itself into where your amino acid glycine should be, to really bugger up your cells. Remember if it kills insects, could it harm humans?


All in all, pretty toxic and hardly surprising, she has the energy of a sloth in a K hole.


and chronic pain and inflammation running riot.

We had her on some serious supplementation, especially glutathione and calcium D glucurate, to grab the toxins from the cell. Plus bitters to make the bile flow to push the toxins thorugh the liver and some binders to grab the toxins in the gut. Plus lots of saunas to sweat it out.

That plus removing gluten and cleaning up the diet, and she is quite the changed woman!


– Forward this to your practitioner friends and suggest they sign up for the newsletters.

– Watch Dark Waters on Prime – it is mind-bending and a little scary.

– Swop your toxin-laden household cleaners and personal products for more natural options.

– Go organic when you can with food

– Maybe go crazy and order yourself a GPL-TOX panel from

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