The best new stuff I am using right now

This week I am doing a run down on a few products I have been using in the health arena plus a few foodie recommendations to take you through the summer, which is GOING TO BE REALLY HOT – Fact.

I put quite a lot of business through the natural dispensary via my online nutritional client and so they send me a box of freebies every now and then to try out.

One such product was the Nordic face oil by Green People.


It contains a blend of oils plus vitamin E and Atlantic seaweed which is meant to boost collagen production. I am not sure how reliable the last part is, but it is a pure product with a good blend of oil and anti-oxidants and so far my wife Natalie is very pleased with it.

I personally still use organic rosehip oil for my face after showers and apricot kernel oil for the body, both from Naisssence on Amazon.


Both very pure, no nasties, remember what goes onto your skin, goes into your blood stream. Generally, the fewer ingredients the better, in my view.

Mouthwash wise, I use the sodium bicarbonate we talked about before, which has been researched and is dirt cheap.



Plus, I like nature’s answer periobright mouthwash.


I am still using the excellent Pure armour deodorant with potassium alum spray with limonene and other lovely things, to smell both clean and ruddy masculine. I have the spray and use the refilling bottle to buy in bulk and be good for the environment.


They have loads of more feminine smells and unscented stuff too.


Natalie is absolutely loving her new deodorant from Wild. I have tried to get her to use many different natural ones but she simply never found one that she was happy with in terms of performance.

But Wild is doing the job nicely and their ethos is excellent. So well in fact, she has convinced me to try it.

They have an aluminium case that is reusable and the refills are in a variety of scents and are in a compostable case. You can make a one-off purchase of a case plus 3 refills for £25 or sign up for a subscription.


In the shower, I am still a big fan of Jason bodywash. They are a longstanding company with no nasties. Currently, we are loving the apricot and white tea.


Cleaning in the kitchen is also somewhere we want to avoid chemicals if we can. My issue with these is that often they are just not very effective at cleaning!

We have been happily using Koh for a while now, which uses potassium hydoxide. No scent, seems to work well, especially if you let it sit on the surface for 30-60 seconds. Nice big refill box and good cleaning clothes and pads.

We bought the starter pack and it has kept us going ages.


We have not tried any of the other stuff yet.

Nat has also ditched the plastic but expensive Gillette razor and gone for another subscription service called Estrid.


High quality solid steel handle with replaceable blades and a cool wall mount. They send razors to you at sensible prices with a great feel (or so I am told). £7.95 gets you a handle and two blades to get started.

Glutathione one of the most powerful immune molecules around as well as being a master anti-oxidant and all round good egg (it is sulphur based so it smells of eggs, that is a really nerdy nutritional joke….).

For adults you have a range of options. My preferred is liposomal, but for kids the taste is a non-starter. But the USA company Neurobiologix has a cream called glutathione plus which is liposomal glutathione in a cream which you can rub onto kids’ legs while they are sleeping. At the first sign of an infection, rub in.

You can buy it via Amrita Nutrition once you sign up as a practitioner.


Last but not least, BBQ season is coming and I have found some awesome new sauces to use. Firefly BBQ is a UK company with some serious sauces. I am loving the sour cherry bbq and Korean bbq sauces.


If you have any other good recommendations please email me back and let me know !