The anti-viral edition

These are strange times and it’s hard to hear true signal in all the noise from the hysterical media.

From what is currently being said it looks like in the UK we are trying to slow the spread to allow the healthcare system to deal with vulnerable adults affected at a manageable rate.

But it is expected that a good proportion of us will get it over the next few months. The good news (if you can call it that) is the disease is mild in the majority and it is primarily vulnerable who are at greatest risk.

That is not to minimise the potential loss of life in those groups but those deaths happen regularly with viruses throughout the year, albeit without the front page scorecard of deaths.

I am personally more concerned about the second and third-order effects on the economy and how that subsequently affect society.

But regardless, let us make sure we know how to create a robust immune response to incoming viruses, corona or not.

Vitamin D

There is a theory that the reason we have winter flu epidemics is because of the drop in vitamin D during the winter from a lack of UVB…intriguing eh?






It is well established that vitamin D plays a critical role in the immune system function and especially for respiratory infections. 5000 iu/125 mcg is enough for most adults unless obese in which case you need to up the dose, 2-3000iu for 3 stones, for 5 stones and more add another 5000iu.

Vitamin A

Ideally, you want the active form, retinol (found in animal products), not the precursor to retinol, beta carotene which is the plant form and not active from an immune system point of view.

The WHO recommends high dose vitamin A for measles in children, so we can use a short sharp burst, 2-3 days at up to 200,000 iu for adults, usually of retinol to help our immune system with viruses.

I use Biomulsion ae forte by biotics research via natural dispensary or nutri link.

Symptoms of overdose are usually related to dryness of skin and mucous membranes and headaches.

Vitamin C

This helps the immune system generate hydrogen peroxide which can kill off the viruses. It is water-soluble, so in and out of the system quick, so if infected maintain a dose every hour 500-1000mg to bowel tolerance (too much acts as a laxative). Liposomal is best but hard to buy now and way more expensive.


This is well known to most for immunity, but it has specifically been shown to help with coronaviruses previously.

I love the Life extension zinc acetate lozenges and always have them in the house, as soon as I feel a sniffle coming on start them. The zinc diffuses in air passages and inhibits virus replication. Sadly they are currently sold out. Also good is zinc gluconate lozenge, failing that just taking it orally as citrate or picolinate.


This is the master anti-oxidant and powerful immune molecule, which is made by combining glutamate, cysteine and glycine intracellularly.

I always keep a bottle of glutathione cream so I can use it on my kids ASAP when they show signs of infection. It is also useful because taking oral glutathione can be an issue as it’s a tri-peptide so often gets broken down by your digestive processes. The only other way to take it is liposomally, which is great, but expensive and tastes awful (like rotten eggs). Thus I use the cream which still smells like rotten eggs but goes straight in.

I use Neurobiolgix Glutathione Plus or Apex energetics Oxicell, both excellent and available via Amrita Nutrition, though the Neurobiologix product is currently out of stock, should be back next week.

When it combines with nitric oxide it makes s-nitrosoglutathione (GSNO) a potent bronchodilator, which is woefully low in asthmatics.

Note you can also take cysteine in the N-Acetyl form (NAC) and glycine to help raise your natural levels.


This is an elderberry extract and nicely-researched on flu and tastes good so kids will take it.


You can simply cut up raw garlic and swallow like a capsule (you won’t make many friends but then again that’s not a big deal right now is it?) or take the excellent AllicinMax, I get mine from the natural dispensary but it is widely sold


This is found in breast milk and is naturally anti-bacterial, viral and fungal. We can also source it from coconut to save me pestering breastfeeding women for any spare milk……

I use lauricidin via amrita nutrition or amazon

The pellets are very small so young-ish kids can take them.

Xclear nasal spray

This is always in the bathroom cabinet, as soon as I feel anything coming, it is straigh up my nose. It has xylitol in, which has good evidnce for sinus infections, does it work for viruses? No idea, but I’ll be using it regardless, grab it on amazon.

Who knows what will be happening in a weeks time…..stay calm, and stop buying toilet roll……

And as always don’t waste those valuable adjustments,