The acid test

Firstly apologies for the slight delay in receiving this newsletter, my recent routine was thrown into disarray yesterday by having to actually turn up in clinic and delivery Chiropractic care!

Whatever next.

I have decided to go for a new look, I call it “Hannibal Lecter in pajamas”.


I love liver, fava beans are OK, but the chianti I will have to swap out for kombucha.

I have not drunk alcohol in over eight years and won’t be starting again. It was positively weird back then, people literally couldn’t get their heads around it (you can see fairly quickly who actually is concerned about their own drinking by the response you get when you say you don’t). Now it has become much more mainstream & socially acceptable to not drink poison when you go out with friends.

Anyhoo, this week I have recorded a 11-minute video on the side effects of a seemingly innocuous drug, that many of your clients take.

Check it out:


– Make sure you always get a list of all the medications your patients are on, they are NOT innocuous.

– If you have ever wanted to stop drinking alcohol or felt uncomfortable that maybe, like me, you needed “a drink to relax”, check out