Pregnant women, babies & vampires

I had soooo many great responses to last weeks growing pains video I decided to do another video, this time on pregnancy and vitamin D.

One of the amazing things about treating pregnant women and children is the results you give can be profound and longlasting.

Removing the dysfunction from a baby’s cervical spine and skull can have life long benefits on so many levels, it’s sometimes hard for us to comprehend.

When it comes to vitamin D in babies & kids this can be a life or death situation.

This poor couple were accused of killing there older child through physical abuse and had their 6 months old taken into care. Both children were severely low in vitamin D and had rickets. The multiple fractures found were the result of that and not abuse.

This is serious stuff and emphasises the need for all Chiropractors to know this information.

If you are a purist and say things like “I just want to adjust, I refer out for nutrition”, that’s fine in term of treatment.

But if you don’t understand vitamin D, you won’t know WHEN to refer out and your patients suffer the consequences of your ineptitude.

Equally, maybe you are a very conservative Chiropractor and believe that we should leave all this to the medics who are better qualified in this area.

You too are culpable for your patients suffering. The medical profession is now at least aware, but competent in diagnosis, management of vitamin D deficiency and optimisation?  Sadly not.

It has to be you.

Having diagnosed many patients with vitamin D deficiency, I can tell you they simply will not respond to your care.

Adults with deficiency will have persistent pain & stiffness that no amount of adjusting or soft tissue release will resolve, ever.

They will have persistent mood and behavioural issues that will be misdiagnosed as depression, chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) plus more, and they will be resistant to the drugs that are prescribed.

It has to be you.

The good news is supplementation for all babies at 400iu (10 mcg) daily, who are breastfed is now recommended by the NHS. But do not assume this is being done by all parents.

Also please consider the skin tone and obesity of the mother. The darker skin tone they have and bigger they are the lower the vitamin D and thus the lower the baby levels. For most 400iu will be enough, but if we want optimal levels of 125 nmol/L, we would want to increase to towards 1000iu daily.

Check out the 10-minute video below in which I show you the rates of deficiency, the risk factors and the consequences of vitamin D deficiency in pregnant women.


In next weeks video, I will explain how you can dose the mother to give the baby optimal levels for both her and the baby.

And as always don’t waste those valuable adjustments,

Speak soon