One easy treatment to reduce migraines by 50%

Picture this… are at the beach, chilled out, but hot, so you go for a delicious ice cream.

As you dive in, it triggers childhood memories of days at the beach, and then it hits you, a vice like clamping down inside your head, it’s a…………hypothermic sphenopalatine cephalgia!!

Or as you might call them…..


If you have never had a migraine (a proper one), then you have just had a smidge of what it can feel like.

The pain of true migraine is felt via the trigeminal nerve. It supplies lots of things, including intracranial blood vessels.

So here is how it works: You have something really cold like an ice cream, which cools your palate and pharynx very quickly.

One of the main jobs of the spehnopalatine ganglion is to control blood flow to the nasal mucosa so that air is warm and humidified before going into the lungs.

When the area is cooled very quickly this stimulus triggers a reflex action in the spenopalatine ganglion that quickly relaxes the nasopalatine artery walls in an attempt to quickly increase the blood flow to the area to warm air passing by.

This sudden engorgement of the arteries by 25-35% leads to stretching of the nerves supplying the arteries (trigeminal) and they register pain via stretch, same as you get with intestinal pain or a broken bone.

The sudden stretch is the same reason that taking nitroglycerin spray for angina inducing headaches. Nitrglyercin is metabolised to nitrate which can be converted to nitric oxide, your own endogenous arterial dilator.

This is also partly why erection drugs can give you a headache……apparently.

Thus part of the initial pain of migraine is the sudden engorgement of the arteries, stretching the trigeminal branches wrapped around the arteries, though this is usually followed by a constriction as massive inflammation runs riot through the brain.

Now I am all about simple, easy stuff to get results in clinic.

So how about this:

If you (or your patient) do suffer from true migraine (and there are tons of mis-diagnosed “migraine” patients who really have jaw and neck issues), sit and eat ice cream, while in the sun between 11am and 3 pm, no lotion and make 20,000 iu of fabulous vitamin D and reduce your risk of migraine.

Even easier, simply slide a delicious tropical flavoured vitamin D/K2 sublingual from IN Health Supplements in between your cheek and gum, giving your patients 4000 iu (100mcg) with a 150 mcg (compare that with other brands) blend of MK4 and MK7 (compare that too) to make sure their bones are strong and arteries are clear from calcific deposits, lets think long term here people.



And voila, you can get a 47% reduction in migraine days suffered.

Check the research here:



I can’t make treating migraines any easier than that.


– Encourage your patients to get natural sun to make vitamin D, you can use the attached infographic, printed and laminated in clinic.

– Grab some high quality vitamin D3 with both forms of K2, with a superior sublingual absorption system and sell them in clinic, patients buy total junk in the supermarket or online if left to their own devices.

At trade price £9.80 per pouch of 60, it works out at 16p a day to change their life.