Are your patient’s killing themselves with supplements?

Did you know…

Folic acid supplements is associated with an increased risk of cancers?

And increased risk of cognitive decline in older people?

What many don’t realise is that folic acid and folate are different things.

Folic acid is a synthetic, inactive product not found in nature.

It must be converted into the active form to make new cells, neurotransmitters and much more.

But 10-15 % of the population has a genetic defect for an enzyme (MTHFR) that results in…

High levels of unmetabolised folic acid and low levels of the active methyl form of folate.

High levels of unmetabolised folic acid means higher risk of cancer.

Less active folate slows the methylation cycle working leading to elevated homocysteine.

Elevated homocysteine is a known to cause inflammation, depression, brain fog, fatigue.

Due to the inflammation it’s also associated with strokes, cancer and heart disease.

It is also a modifiable risk factor for dementia. (Hence B vitamins are “good” for dementia)

Less active folate also means less new cells (think blood cells = anaemia) and less neurotransmitters (think mood and behaviour aka depression).

The bad news doesn’t stop there.

Due to neural tube defects we also now fortify foods with folic acid.

If patients take folic acid and it’s converted into the active form, the folate masks the megaloblastic anaemia found in B12 deficiency.

NOTE: B12 deficiency will cause fatigue and neurological symptoms wayyyy before the patient gets anywhere near low enough for anaemia.

Which is another reason I never allow patients to buy supplements in the supermarket.

The overwhelming majority are the folic acid form.

The good news is we can get the active form of folate (5-MTHF) in good quality supplements and avoid the risk.

See diagram at the foot of the email.

The only time I don’t give the active form is patients with a history of anxiety.

(They usually do best on a form called folinic acid which is one step before the active form.)

So when you get an elevated homocysteine blood test back from a patient you should do the Chiro Happy Dance.

Because you know for sure you can get it down which means the patient is going to have:

  • More energy
  • Less pain
  • Enhanced moods
  • And reduced risk of cancer, strokes, heat attacks and dementia

Plus it will allow your neuro-mechanical intervention to work.

All of which makes you look like a hero to your patients.

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As always, don’t waste those valuable adjustments.

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