Granny knows best

Firstly thank you to the Chiropractic Association of Ireland for inviting me to lecture last weekend. I had a great time lecturing in Dublin, a keen audience for information on the incredible benefits of vitamin B12.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Dr Robert Melillo and seeing his talk. As a Chiropractor with a few years under my belt, I can smell Chiropractic bullshit a mile off.

I am all for theory and knowledge but it has to translate into results.

His authentic, knowledgeable talk was excellent, you can check him out here

He also dresses like a muthaf***er (if only I could pull that off)

Anyway back to Granny

Could you run from lands end to John O’groats?

Me neither.

But this former NHS doctor and 60 year old granny is doing just that to raise awareness of the epidemic of lifestyle diseases occurring.

You see we are living longer than ever, no doubt about that.

Thanks to antibiotics we have far less death from infections (half our ancestors died of infection before adulthood).

But we are a little too far away from our ancestral lifestyle, a little too comfortable.

The last 9 year of life tends to be plagued by ill health and disease.

The statistics are very clear.

At every age group, the % of people have coronary heart disease is going up.

Strange that isn’t it?

Every man and his dog are on statins, cholesterol is lower than ever before and yet the “33% reduction” in heart disease risk hasn’t yet materialised.

It’s almost as if they don’t actually reduce the risk of death……oh that’s right they don’t.

The steady increase in diseases and poor function is clear to see.


Note the life expectancy from 65 year old has gone up a little.

Men from 16 to 17 years, women 19.2 to 19.7 years – can’t help but wonder if it was the other way round what the female health charities and MPs would say about that….

But the number of years after 65, living with at least one disease has gone up, as has the number of years unable to function.

This is all about lifestyle plus genetics.

You can’t change the latter, you can change the former.

If your blood pressure is mildly elevated (140-159/90-99) because of bad lifestyle choices, taking medication to lower it has zero benefits.


BREAKING NEWS: If you have smoke pouring into your living room, fitting an extractor fan to remove the smoke will NOT stop your house burning down.

Smoke is a symptom, fire is the cause, put out the fire.

Action to take today: 

Invoke the 10-year rule with your patients.

Ask them about their health, vitality and lifestyle 10 years ago, how has it declined?

If they carry on as they are, where do they think it will be in 10 years time?

Let them answer & make them feel it.

Ask your patients what they want their health and lifestyle to look like in 10 years?

It’s the decisions and actions they make daily/weekly now, that will determine where they will be in 10 years time.

At some point, we all have to choose our sacrifice.

They have their current lifestyle and the subsequent health it gave them.

They are currently sacrificing their health for their lifestyle.

Are they willing to sacrifice their current lifestyle for better health?

As always, don’t waste those valuable adjustments.

Speak soon