DD & BJ had it easy compared to what we face

DD Palmer said the causes of dis-ease were trauma, thoughts and toxins.

He was pretty much spot on.

He also had some amazing miraculous results and loved the “hole in one” upper cervical and over a hundred years later we are still here, changing lives and trying to fight for our patients.

But in hindsight DD & BJ had it relatively easy.

Our lifestyles today are also unrecognisable from 1895, the stress we are under, the way society behaves, but more than that, consider the kind of food we eat on a daily basis.

Compared to 100 years ago we are overfed, over caloried, & overweight but desperately low in nutrients. Just the last 30 years has seen a massive shift in the amount of premade/processed food we eat and we are now witnessing the tragic effects that a sugar and processed food laden diet has on children raised on this “food”.

You can’t maintain your collagen if you don’t have the amino acid building blocks and the right vitamins and minerals for the enzymes to work (think vitamin C and collagen formation, hence scurvy).

If you can’t maintain your collagen, you are going to be prone to injury if you have neuromechanical dysfunction and you will consequently heal poorly. I call this interaction the Neuromechanical – Metabolic interface or NMI and when you understand the implications it has for health and wellness, it will transform patient results for you.

For example, how many patients can you think of that just seem to heal really slowly and always be prone to injury?

Probably more than you’d care to admit but in Chiropractic terms what separates the master clinician delivering results, from the wannabe preaching theory, is achieving SUSTAINABLE functional changes via neuromechanical intervention.

Sustainable functional results are hard to come by, you need good quality neuromechanical care based on function changes, that’s non-negotiable.

But you also need to be able to repair macro or micro damage to the collagen if you want to remodel connective tissue and make the functional changes SUSTAINABLE.

On a standard western diet low in nutrients that is nigh on impossible to do.

However, knowing the commonly low or missing nutrients that are critical for connective tissue health and how to increase them with diet and supplements will change everything for you.

Don’t let your adjustments go to waste and allow your patients to suffer.

Speak soon