COVID vitamin D update video

This week I have prepared a short video for you, we cover:

– recently published study on vitamin D and COVIDĀ 19 outcomes

– links between cardio-metabolic health and COVID 19 deaths

– Gut-microbiome and weight gain

– Eating a real food diet

– Dosing for vitamin D


A few links to cool things IĀ talk about:

The men who made us fat – 58 mins documentary: brilliantly explains the roots of modern obesity and the influence of the food industry. This is a great one to send anyone who has been on a low fat diet for years and struggles to understand why this is not working and why they should actually eat more fat to lose weight.


Assem Malhotra 5 mins interview on COVID and obesity from April 2020


Low carb program – Run by NHS GP David Unwin

Real food campaign

Vitamin D letter to governments calling for 4000iu daily:

Vitamin D study link:

Previous newsletter on obesity