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Back before all the COVID-19 shenanigans began I would have sold a kidney (my wife’s left one to be precise, it’s an absolute cracker) for 6 weeks of solid creation for the Core Concepts in Chiropractic Nutrition course.

However, fate intervened and my wife’s kidney was spared.

And as an added bonus, all this extra time that was thrust on us has allowed me to go a long way to finishing the CCCN course.

I used the feedback from the founding members on the beta course to rewrite and refine the course.

It is now simpler and more structured with a clear hierarchy of clinical metabolic interventions.

Turns out I use the same stuff 20% of the time with 80% of my clients (for results 80% of the time).

I only dip into the other 80% more complex stuff as needed (or wanted) for the 20% more tricky clients to allow my neuromechanical care to achieve clinically significant and sustainable results.

I thought this 80/20 idea would make a great principle in life and I could name it after me… but it turns out some old Italian dude called Pareto got there about 120 years ago. Typical.

Remember this is not nutrition & functional medicine for the sake of it.

There are loads of nutrition courses out there for people who want to be nutritionists but you (probably) don’t want that or you’d be a nutritionist.

You want to be a master of the neuromechanical system, delivering results not selling theory.

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Remember that as neuromechanical practitioners we all have two things in common:

We all achieve amazing life changing results for our patients through neuromechanical intervention


We all have patients that do not respond as anticipated to our intervention. Maybe the results are not sustainable between visits. Maybe they keep getting acute episodes, maybe they simply don’t respond at all.

It is not just you, we all have them.

You, me, the guru on stage, DD & BJ Palmer, Andrew Still, everyone.

And one major factor in the lack of response to care?

The metabolic system.

So 6 weeks after the COVID-19 lockdown, I have now completed approximately 60% of the course with the rest fleshed out and finished in the next 3-4 months.

Many have of have asked to buy the course and I had originally planned a relaunch in the summer, but given the circumstances and the demand… let’s learn.

I have looked carefully at the content I have put together and it is a game-changer.

And it is not just me saying that:

Matt Bourne
Worthing, West Sussex
This course is an absolute game changer, Simon makes complex biochemical processes easy to ‘digest’ and immediately applicable to everyday practice, if you truly want to serve your patients you need to do this’s that simple.”


“Nutrition can be complex and can easily lead you down a rabbit hole, Simon provides a bulletproof framework giving you confidence at every turn knowing that your interventions are specific, necessary and very very effective.













Clare Cullen
Ewell Chiropractic Health Centre, Surrey
I thoroughly recommend the Academy of Chiropractic Nutrition programme.  Simon has taken some very complex material and made it easily understandable and more important clinically applicable.  The course covers some of the most common complaints people might consult their chiropractor for.  You will gain the confidence to know what you can address solely with chiropractic and when you might consider how the nutritional deficiencies and excesses might be driving that patients ill-health.  An understanding of functional nutrition is an essential tool for all chiropractors today.










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If you’re intention is to become a master in your chosen profession and better serve your patients, you are going to have to become intimate with the workings of the metabolic system.

So how do you achieve that?

Well, you have 2 choices:

Trying to learn it all yourself which translates to years and years of toil and frustration, hanging out at functional medicine conferences being bored to tears by boring lecturers using big words, over complicating metabolic systems & talking over endless f***ing slides of research.


You let me be your shortcut and get you there in a fraction of the time.

I keep it need to know and nice to know.

Need to know – the basics of the metabolic system involved, the forms of vitamins, the doses, which supplement to specifically use, key symptoms to recognise, useful tests and a overview of the research findings.

The videos are on average 10-20 minutes long to allow you easy learning and quick wins.

Nice to know – the actual nitty, gritty details of the research (me talking over slides of research). Do you need this? No, but it gives depth of knowledge and you can watch it anytime (you have lifetime access).

A few highlights:

  • As vitamin B12 sloooowly drops, so does your ability to make myelin, and hypersensitivity sets in. Those adjustments just don’t seem to be holding do they? Oops.
  • The B12 blood test is unreliable and cannot rule of deficiency, not my opinion, that is NHS guidance (almost universally ignored by medical doctors FYI).
  • Vitamin D deficiency gives you persistent pain, depression and chronic fatigue – try taking those symptoms to the pain clinic and see what you get….. “it’s all in your head” (technically that is actually partly right it’s just the inflammation is in their head).
  • Gluten sensitivity causes gluten related disorders (we have moved on from coeliac disease per se) – next time a patient turns up with weird neurological s**t, you’re all over them like a fat man at an all you can eat free buffet.
  • Idiopathic ataxia? oops, 40% of those actually have gluten ataxia (that is a real thing and 75% of them do not have coeliac disease & will thus be missed GP’s and most neurologists).
  • Did you know the enzyme that makes DNA is magnesium dependent? Good luck healing that connective tissue with suboptimal magnesium (which is 35-40% of the population).
  • Drug nutrient depletion, is that a thing?
  • Well metformin is known to stop B12 absorption, maybe that diabetic patient with the tingly toes hasn’t been on the biscuits after all, it might just be his myelin slowly disappearing and not diabetic neuropathy.

So what’s your investment going to be for all this delicious nutrition?

Well, with option 1 you’d be buying tickets to seminars, driving there, paying hotel fees, taking time off clinic. Shall we say conservatively, £3k-£5k?

Not to mention spending time away from your family (however much you enjoy the post-seminar drinking games).

Whereas with option 2, you get to study from the comfort of your own home on your own time, with the ongoing help and support of a special Facebook Group and all for the princely sum of £1,295.

PLUS I will also teach you how to create a residual, passive income from supplement sales (without ever holding stock) which over time will pay for the entire cost of the course by itself.

All in all, a bargain, don’t you think?

However, given not all the content is available right now, I’m going to go one better because for a very limited time you can join for just £985 (or 3 x £375).

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And I am so confident you will love the course that if within the first 30 days you don’t think its for you for any reason whatsoever, I will not only refund your investment in full but I will personally give you a free, foot massage.

Just so you understand…

Yes, this is a course on nutrition specifically for neuromechanical practitioners, but the concept is bigger than that and bigger than me.

This is a movement.

I am building a tribe of neuromechanical practitioners who want to be leaders in our field.

Leaders who want to get better results, and serve their patients at the highest level.


So with all of the above being said, this week’s action to take is simple.

Join the Core Concepts in Chiropractic Nutrition course

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If you are ready to take your results to the next level, grab this offer before before the countdown timer gets to zero.