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Shame and guilt (over pizza)

Before we get into it this week, thank you to the lovely people at the McTimoney Chiropractic Association for inviting me to speak at the weekend on vitamin B12. I had a great time, answered a ton of questions & met up once again with the excellent Dr Chris Collaca DC PhD. Hopefully the MCA […]

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Back to the future (of healthcare)

Imagine if you could read a book now that would give you an accurate picture of the healthcare world in 50 years time. Well, I was reorganising my book shelving in my study last week and I came across a book I forgot I owned. Back in the Nutri-West UK days, we had an old […]

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The power of butter

Did you know the primary fuel for the gut cells lining your intestines is a short chain fatty acid called Butyrate? Butyrate is also called Butyric acid and without it, your gut lining goes from a selective sieve to a leaky colander. It’s also a powerful anti-inflammatory both locally in the gut and systemically. So […]

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The end of average care

I pretty much loathe facebook. I used it quite a bit for a few years, then found my self pretty much addicted to checking it. Still, that’s dopamine for you. Then I got into an argument with another Chiropractor over something we disagreed on. I know of him through a Chiropractic organisation and have talked […]

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Ego is the enemy

If there was one book all new graduates should be forced to read before being allowed to register & practice, it’s “Ego is the Enemy” by Ryan Holiday. I love it. Whenever I lecture, I start by saying all Chiropractors have two things in common. 1) We all have amazing life changing results with some patients. These […]

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Teeth like Shane MacGowan?

Did you know that the first randomised controlled trial was done in 1747 by naval surgeon James Lind? Back then scurvy was a killer. On May 20, 1747 he divided the 12 sick sailors into six pairs, and provided each of them with a different supplement in their diet (with sailor response added for historical […]

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