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The end of average care

I pretty much loathe facebook. I used it quite a bit for a few years, then found my self pretty much addicted to checking it. Still, that’s dopamine for you. Then I got into an argument with another Chiropractor over something we disagreed on. I know of him through a Chiropractic organisation and have talked […]

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Ego is the enemy

If there was one book all new graduates should be forced to read before being allowed to register & practice, it’s “Ego is the Enemy” by Ryan Holiday. I love it. Whenever I lecture, I start by saying all Chiropractors have two things in common. 1) We all have amazing life changing results with some patients. These […]

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Teeth like Shane MacGowan?

Did you know that the first randomised controlled trial was done in 1747 by naval surgeon James Lind? Back then scurvy was a killer. On May 20, 1747 he divided the 12 sick sailors into six pairs, and provided each of them with a different supplement in their diet (with sailor response added for historical […]

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