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Mismatch theory: Are you aware?

Quick reminder we are now only a few hours from closing the CCCN enrollment for another 6 months. Check your freebies here: In terms of bone mineral density (BMD), do you know the difference the T score and the Z score? And check out part 1 of our migraine protocol. Now to this […]

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Why you should expect outstanding results

Back in the 1960’s the BBC started a documentary called “seven up”. The basic premise is “show my the child at 7 years old and I will show you the man/woman”. They met a selection from kids at seven years old in care homes to the uber posh and went back every seven years to […]

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How quickly do supplements/nutrition work in clinic?

Quick update on seminars. We now have a date for a seminar approximately 15 miles from Sheffield on Saturday, March 16th. This will be 4 hours with me and then another 3-4 hours with a selection of other speakers picked by our host. Full details are coming soon ! Plus, we should have a location […]

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